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Ticket Hotline +49 341 140 660

Partner package

After visiting the marvels of the world’s largest 360° panorama at Leipzig Panometer, you are sure to enchanted further by a show at Krystallpalast Varieté. Enjoy the perfect combination of culinary delights and entertainment in the heart of Leipzig. Performers and comedians from all over the world entertain you with a rousing variety show amid surroundings steeped in tradition.

The current panorama exhibition "NEW YORK 9/11" shows the New York district of Manhattan five minutes before the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and thus focuses on one of the most defining moments in recent history. The 32-meter-high panorama is the fourth anti-war panorama by artist Yadegar Asisi and shows visitors the global impact of the attacks.

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With the help of evocative background music and accompanying day-night light simulation, a fascinating attraction comes to life on a scale of 1:1 on a surface area covering 3,500 m² in the world's largest rotating panorama.

Prices (Category 1)

EUR 45 per person | Sunday till Thursday 

EUR 53 per person | Friday an Saturday

Group price from 10 people | EUR 42.00 (Sunday till Thursday) | EUR 50.00 (Friday an Saturday) | All prices plus additional surcharge of EUR 5 during November and December.

Price includes:

* admission to Panometer (incl. exhibition and making-of film)

* admission to variety show

Additional options

* public tour of Panometer (EUR 3.00 per person)

* three-course à la carte meal in our Varieté restaurant (EUR 30.00 per person)

* individual tour of Asisi Panometer (EUR 55.00 per group | max. 20 people)




Affordable deals for overnight stays and a visit to a variety show at Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig.


Auerbachs Keller can look back on a long tradition: In 1525, the physician and university professor Heinrich Stromer had wine served to students in the cellar of his house for the first time to celebrate Easter Mass, thus establishing the roots of this traditional tavern. In 1589, the edition of the Dr Johan Faust chapbook was expanded to include several new stories, including the ride in the barrel from the Leipzig wine cellar. 35 years later, Heinrich Stromer's grandson depicted Faust's ride in a wine barrel in a wall painting in Auerbachs Keller. 150 years later, in 1765, Johann Wolfgang Goethe began his studies in Leipzig and during his visits to Auerbachs Keller he was inspired to write Faust by the old pictures of the story - something that would go on to make the tavern famous the world over.

from EUR 67 per person

Three-course menu at Auerbachs Keller and show at Krystallpalast Varieté

The Keller-Krystall package can be booked only on the Auerbachs Keller website or by calling 0341 21 61 00.