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Ticket Hotline +49 341 140 660

BACKSTAGE STORIES - Behind the scenes

2 March - 24 June 2023

Have you always wanted to take a look behind the glittering facades? To where the magic is created and the dream craftsmen work on their illusions in the shadows of the scenery? On this evening, the audience is allowed to take a look at the world on the other side and get to know the great artists in their private sphere - if there is such a thing backstage at all. In any case, there are plenty of exciting stories to tell, because there is no room for normality in vaudeville. Backstage, a different illusory world emerges: shrill and loose, excitingly intimate, ravishingly funny...

Director and Artistic Director | Urs Jäckle

Co-director | Marco Noury

Choreography | Samaki Michela Pesce

Music coordination | Daniel Vargas

Stage design | Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig

Cover image | Sandrino Donnhauser

Production | Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig



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