Ticket Hotline +49 341 140 660
Ticket Hotline +49 341 140 660

Show menu

Our restaurant is located at ground level in the Krystallpalast Varieté and can seat up to 100 guests. Here we normally offer a 2- or 3-course menu of your choice, which can be booked before or after the variety show with the Show & Menu arrangement. Our kitchen draws inspiration for the show-related menu components from the different nationalities of our performing artists.

For selected guest performances, we offer a 2-course menu consisting of a main course and dessert.

The BODYTALK Show Menu // Three-course Menu


Bloody Mary salad with parmesan foam

Puff pastry strudel with Serrano ham, spinach and herb crème fraîche

vegan version:

Puff pastry strudel with spinach and vegan cheese





Slices of flank steak, marinated with smoke and whisky

Chimichurri sauce | bell bell pepper and orange salad | homemade focaccia

Poached hake

braised cucumber | fava | caper relish

Baked artichoke

stuffed with mushrooms, tomatoes, feta and pine nuts | saffron risotto




Melon and mint ice cream tartlets with chocolate mousse

Lemon cake | Two kinds of fruit cream



 Subject to change without notice