Ticket Hotline +49 341 140 660
Ticket Hotline +49 341 140 660

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to find out everything you need to know before visiting Krystallpalast Varieté!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to e-mail us.

Variety is the Circus’s younger, decadent little brother, who lives in the big city and is a bit cheeky.

There is free seating at the table itself, but the table is firmly booked.

The Varieté theatre has tables for two, four or six people.

No, you don't have to - it's just more convivial with a glass of sparkling wine or a coffee.

In certain circumstances, it may be that other guests are seated at your table.

We recommend neat evening attire. However, your own personal comfort takes priority.

No. The Varieté theatre is adequately heated.

The cloakroom fee is included in the ticket price.

You will be served the meal in our in-house restaurant either before or after the show. The time the meal is served depends on the show you have selected. The Varieté theatre is located in the same building as the restaurant.

Our kitchen staff have created a meat- and fish-free main course for our vegetarian guests.  It is included in the á la carte menu.

No, please inform us of your food allergies and intolerances as soon as possible.

Our service staff are also available in the Variety theatre to serve you drinks and snacks during the show.

The variety show starts at different times depending on the day of the week. Click here for an overview.

Admission begins 1 hour before the show starts. You should arrive at Krystallpalast Varieté at the latest 15 minutes before the show starts.

The show takes just under two hours including an interval.

Tickets for the variety show can be reserved by calling 0341 140 660 or tickets@krystallpalastvariete.de and must be collected within the agreed reservation period. If you wish, we can also send them to you on an open invoice basis plus EUR 3.50 postage.

We would be happy to hold your tickets for collection at the box office provided they have been paid for in advance by invoice or credit card.

Certainly, provided the show is not fully booked. You can inquire about available seats by calling 0341 140 660 or at the Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig box office.

You can continue to remain seated and enjoy the cozy atmosphere after the show has ended.

Yes, there is an interval of about 10 minutes.

Our service staff will be happy to order a taxi for you. Please note that Leipzig taxi companies do not accept orders on New Year’s Eve.

Multi-storey car parks near the Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig include the underground car park at Augustusplatz (entrance via Goethestrasse); paid parking available in the Burgplatz underground car park (entrance via Martin-Luther-Ring/Lotterstrasse - am Neuen Rathaus) and in the “Am Neumarkt” multi-storey car park (formerly Karstadt). Please use the Leipzig car park routing system. How to get here

Yes. Please be sure to notify us in advance that you are coming with a wheelchair when you make your reservation, as not every table in the Varieté theatre is suitable for wheelchairs. A toilet for the disabled is available.

Yes, both debit and credit cards are accepted.

We recommend a visit to our Varieté Café show on Sunday afternoons for children aged 4 and over. We kindly remind you that we reserve the right to advise parents of their supervisory responsibilities if their children disrupt the show and, for safety reasons, may ask them to step outside for a short time. This also applies to all other shows.