Ticket Hotline +49 341 140 660
Ticket Hotline +49 341 140 660

Hygiene measures


Dear guests, dear friends of the Variety, dear ladies and gentlemen,

We are glad that with you, our loyal guests, we have been able to overcome the hurdles of the pandemic-related restrictions up to this point. Most of you know that we will only get out of this situation together, with consideration & foresight.


We will be allowed to play without any restrictions from April 03 2022. Our guests are now no longer required to provide proof of their convalescent status or vaccination protection. There is no longer a mask requirement. For the safety of all of us, our staff and artists will continue to wear masks as soon as they enter the audience. You, our guests, may of course do the same.

Thank you very much for your understanding and mutual respect!


Your team of the Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig

In case of flu-like symptoms (cough, sore throat, cold, fever) we kindly ask you to refrain from visiting our Variety Theater. We will be happy to welcome you at another time.

As of April 03 2022, masks are no longer compulsory in our Variety Theatre. Please respect other guests' choice to wear a mask.

Please adhere to the cough and sneeze etiquette in the crook of your arm. Disinfectant dispensers are placed in key areas and restrooms throughout our venue. Please follow the instructions of our staff.

Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig uses a new type of UV-C-based air disinfection system. This system was funded by the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media under the 'Neustart Kultur' program.

The special air disinfection process is an essential component of the approved hygiene concept. UV radiation with a short wavelength (UV-C radiation) has already been used for decades to disinfect surfaces or room air in selected rooms, such as operating theaters and hospital wards. The room air is sucked in by special devices and released again after treatment with UV-C light. All living components of the air, i.e. viruses, bacteria or fungal spores, are almost completely destroyed. Infection through the spread of a virus via aerosols in the room air can thus be largely ruled out. Its use is harmless to humans, as no by-products are produced during the disinfection process. A total of 16 devices are installed in the Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig.

All areas are intensively cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals. At intervals, the UV-C air disinfection units are switched to full power, which is noticeable with a louder basic noise.