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Ticket Hotline +49 341 140 660

REMIX - Variety meets Streetart

August 4th - October 22nd 2022

Cool dancers, athletes and freestyle acrobats bring the arts of the street to the stage. But why to a Varieté in particular? Because they are not only masters of their respective fields, but can also entertain delightfully. They don't need a classic presenter, but above all power, wit and the right music. Again and again, breakdance, freestyle soccer mix with elaborately produced video clips and authentic Leipzig street art projections. REMIX is colorful, wild and sporty - and a show that is bursting with energy.

Director and Artistic Director | Urs Jäckle

Co-Director | Sebastian Stamm

Sound collages & Music | Daniel Vargas

Stage design | Robert Schiller, Elisabeth Schiller-Witzmann

Video | Peter Dams

Cover image | Ben Brünner

Production | Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig

Thanks to our show sponsor Getränke Staude!




The Artists