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Ticket Hotline +49 341 140 660

PIGALLE - A Variety Revue

27 Oct 2023 - 24 Feb 2024

The glamorous variety show follows in the footsteps of legendary cabarets in the Parisian entertainment district "Pigalle": top-class cast, cheeky and sensual dancing. The dancers, acrobats and quirky characters are accompanied in their entirety by a live band, which also repeatedly steps forward into the spotlight itself. Glittering, modern and sophisticated - and with a little more skin than usual. 10 years after the last Krystallpalast revue and by popular demand, a show with absolute rarity value.

Director and Artistic Director | Urs Jäckle

Directing assistance | Michela Samaki Pesce

Choreography | Julia Junes

Choreography Assistenz | Emma Macpherson

Musical direction | Daniel Vargas

Cover image | Tom Schulze

Technics | Sebastian Hahn, Heiko Kluge

Stage design | Robert Schiller, Elisabeth Schiller-Witzmann

Costumes | Elisabeth Schiller-Witzmann, Julia June, Niklas Bothe

Production | Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig

Production Manager | Anna Schubert

Production Assistance | Antonia Düchting, Julia Sakobielski, Emanuela Spina



The Artists

Jonny Grundy, together with his partner Manuel Artino, won the main jury prize in the newcomer show 2022. In PIGALLE, Emma Macpherson takes over Manuel's part in the duo acts, as Manuel Artino unfortunately cannot perform due to health reasons.

Jonny studied at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and Manuel with Les Ballets Company and Gravity Circus and has been a professional dancer since before his circus career. Together with Manuel, Majestique show, Holiday on Ice, Giffords Circus & the International Circus China were among the career highlights so far. A versatile performer with a great love for dance and acrobatics from a young age, Emma graduated with a Diploma in Musical Theatre and a Diploma in Dance from Lee Academy in her native Australia. She has performed as a dancer and aerialist in a wide variety of productions, including Cirque du Soleil and Opera Australia.

Julia started her dance training at the age of five. Her repertoire of diverse dance styles, including contemporary, ballet, jazz, and hip hop/street styles, allowed her to earn numerous awards and scholarships and perform all over the world, including with Cirque du Soleil, Wiener Staatsoper, The Box London, America’s Got Talent and Domstufenfestspiele Erfurt. Over the years, she discovered her passion for circus arts. In 'Pigalle' she is responsible for the choreography and also performs as an aerialist.

Niklas gained his first stage experience in a dance school, whose inspiration still accompanies him today. In 2018, he completed his training at the Staatliche Artistenschule Berlin. In addition to his engagements in various variety theaters, he performed in the variety show to Otto Dix 'Alles muss ich sehen' in Gera in 2022. In 2023 he won the 'Young Star' of the Circus Festival Young Stage in Basel.

Experienced musicians with a penchant for exciting experiments, avant-garde and professionalism. This is how one would like to describe the phantastic live band on the Krystallpalast stage this winter. Stine Fischer (vocals, piano, flute), Mark Hempel (guitar), Daniel Vargas (Electric bass) and Sebastian Stahl (drums) are supported by singer Alexander Martin (moderation, vocals, guitar), who has performed on many different stages as a musical performer. 'Noir c'est noir' provides the final touch to this extraordinary show.

With juggling, comedy, acrobatics and heavy rock, David takes the audience on a fascinating emotional roller coaster. He thoroughly juggles with contemporary norms and male stereotypes. After eleven years, the native Swede is now back on stage at the Krystallpalast Varieté.

Julieta is known as a jazz and tango fusion dancer in Argentina. She worked in international TV shows such as "Dancing with the stars", "Tu cara me suena", "Kallys Mushup-Nickelodeon", as well as in various shows and movies in Europe.

Alfonsina received her education in Contemporary Dance, Jazz Dance and Tango in New York and Buenos Aires. She has performed in the TV show "Dancing with the stars" and for RGB Entertainment International in 'Cabaret', among others. In 'Pigalle' the two Latinas will be on stage together and solo to enchant the audience.